Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to create a layout with a LARGE title

It's been a while since I shared with you my posts on the Scrapbook Expo blog. I blog for them every Thursday. This Thursday my post is titled: "How to create a layout with a LARGE title". There's also a process video to go along with this layout. 
I've got a funny story about this video. When I prep for a video I put the main elements of the layout together without adhering anything, just to make the filming process move more smoothly. Basically, I get all my products together. The title of this layout is: Evidence. The first time (yes, there was more than one filming of  this project) I spelled "Evidence" wrong. It was later at night and I was exhausted. When I finished filming I told my husband that something "just didn't look right" about this layout. He looked at me, smiled, and said, "you spelled the title wrong." Of course the LARGE title on this layout was the main focus and couldn't be fixed. So, I tore the layout apart and filmed it again....spelling (spelling the title correctly this time).
Here's a sneak peek of the layout:

What are you Doing Tomorrow Night?

Tomorrow is FRIDAY, what are you doing tomorrow night? I'm going to be in my PJ's with a cup of hot chocolate...maybe some popcorn and I'll be hanging out with True Scrap attendees. We'll be having fun, laughing, and getting ready for tomorrows True Scrap Event. I can't wait! This is my favorite scrapbooking event of the YEAR! As I mentioned earlier this week, I'm thrilled to be a True Scrap instructor. I've had teaching at this event on my bucket list for a LONG time. I'm so excited to have finally reached this goal! Here's what you'll be learning in my class:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tips for Making your own Halloween T Shirts

Halloween Shirt  by @jbckadams #halloween #vinyl #heattransfervinyl #glowinthedark #expressionsvinyl
Recently I took a (small ;) step away from my paper, scissors, and glue and played with heat transfer vinyl. Today I'm sharing tips for making your own Halloween t shirts.

I used my Silhouette Cameo and glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl and gold glitter heat transfer vinyl to create these cute Halloween t shirts for my kiddos. I get all my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. They have the best quality and THE best customer service. Love them!!!

I started by cutting the shapes from the Silhouette store. Tip #1 remember to reverse your images by using the mirror function before you cut. 

Halloween Shirt  by @jbckadams #halloween #vinyl #heattransfervinyl #glowinthedark #expressionsvinyl

After I cut the vinyl and removed the negative pieces, I was left with vinyl that was ready to be ironed onto my kids black t shirt.
 The words will be backwards (that's a good thing, right now).
Are you ready for tip #2? It's a good one... Tip #2 Use a piece of parchment paper on top of your vinyl. This will prevent any residue from sticking (and making a huge mess of) your iron .
I put my iron on medium heat (Tip #3 make sure to press down firmly with your iron onto the vinyl) while I was adhering the vinyl. At the end of this project I had 2 HAPPY kids. I didn't get a picture of the shirts glowing in the dark. My kids were way too busy for that nonsense. They are awesome in the dark, especially the t-rex.
I have a little girlie who is pretty good about her momma constantly taking her picture.

Halloween Shirt  by @jbckadams #halloween #vinyl #heattransfervinyl #glowinthedark #expressionsvinyl
Then....there's my little man. He's not as happy and cooperative when I need a photo. Just after I got him in his brand new fancy t-rex shirt he ran out and played in the sandbox (hence the not so clean shirt in the photo).
Halloween Shirt  by @jbckadams #halloween #vinyl #heattransfervinyl #glowinthedark #expressionsvinyl
 He may not be the most cooperative model but I still like him...lots!
Halloween Shirt  by @jbckadams #halloween #vinyl #heattransfervinyl #glowinthedark #expressionsvinyl

Halloween Shirt  by @jbckadams #halloween #vinyl #heattransfervinyl #glowinthedark #expressionsvinyl

Halloween Shirt  by @jbckadams #halloween #vinyl #heattransfervinyl #glowinthedark #expressionsvinyl
 Hurry, you've got just enough time to get your supplies and get some t-shirts made...your kiddos will love you and do their chores without complaining. Okay, that may be pushing it but I did get a clean kitchen out of this deal.
Thanks for stopping by today!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Life at Our Home

When I do a "life at our home" post, that's when the truth really comes out and you're going to get a whole lot of truth today. This post has been written and deleted, written and deleted, and written and deleted again. It's a post I wish that I never had to write. I've taken an unintended break from blogging. Life at our home was turned upside down. In July I got a phone call from my mom telling me that she had breast cancer. As she was talking to me that day I felt like someone had knocked the wind out of me. I really couldn't catch my breath. The days and weeks that followed have been filled with doctors appointments, tests, hospital stays and lots of fear. Helping my dad and caring for my mom is the reason for my absence here (and everywhere else). Mom started chemo and was hit with a serious illness that resulted in her spending weeks in the hospital. I won't go into details about my mom's diagnosis, that's not my story to tell.

I will tell you my story. My mom is my best friend. Her diagnosis has been devastating to me. I have so many emotions: fear, anger, sadness, hope, strength, love, and comfort. It seems as though I've felt all of those emotions within minutes of each other (sometimes in the same minute). I wish I could say that I have a constant feeling of comfort and security. The reality is, whenever I need comfort or security or reassurance, I always go to my mom. As I've watched my mom face this challenge I've been amazed at her strength, fearlessness, and courage. She's facing many weeks of treatments, surgery, and then more treatments and has faced her challenges thus far with courage! Her mantra has always been "be brave." Not long after mom's diagnosis she gave me this necklace. I love having this constant reminder that I can be brave through this, I can!

Not too long after mom's diagnosis I was visiting with my uncle. He told me:

Monday, October 19, 2015

True Scrap 7

I've talked about True Scrap before (here, and here). Needless to say, I LOVE True Scrap! Right after I attended my first True Scrap event I set a goal to become a True Scrap instructor. I came so SO close last year when I did a make and take class. This year, I'm teaching my own class as a True Scrap Instructor.

I'm so excited for the entire True Scrap event (THIS WEEKEND)! I'm thrilled to share a topic that I'm truly passionate about, Scrapbooking on the GO. It seems like life keeps moving at a fast pace. Until I started scrapbooking on the go a few years ago, it seemed that I got less and less scrapbooking done. At True Scrap 7 I'll be sharing my favorite tips and techinques to help you fit more scrapbooking time into an already full schedule. Make sure you register HERE so you can join
Lisa Bearnson, Layle Koncar, Maggie Massey, Noell Hyman, Kelli Crowe, Julie Fei-Fan Balzar, Kathy Cano-Murillo and ME.

(Wow, I still can't believe my name is on that list. I'll see you October 23-24 (this weekend)!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

DIY Halloween Decor

Oh I love Halloween and I love making my own Halloween decorations, hence the DIY Halloween Decor blog post. I created some fun projects with the Minc machine by Heidi Swapp. I also used this adorable gallery prints set.
DIY Halloween decor by @jbckadams using the Heidi Swapp Minc machine and gallery prints by @pebblesinc #halloween #DIYHalloween #Pebblesinc #HSMinc #HalloweenDecor