Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Scrapbooking Themed Party

My little girl is turning 10. Of course I'm having one of those "mommy moments" where I'm wondering where time has gone and how on earth she got to be 10. It really does seem like we just brought her home from the hospital. *sigh*

Last year we had a scrapbooking themed birthday party for her birthday, it was a huge hit. We set up a photo booth, took lots of photos, sent my hubby on a mad dash to 1-hour photo, and then each girl dove into my box of supplies that needed to find a new home. When the party was over each girl got to go home with a completed mini album. Last years party was such a success that we decided to do go with the same theme again this year. Over the next few days I'll tell you about the party and show you some of the details.

The decorations were the most fun and the most work (which isn't very much). My sister and I made tissue paper balls using this tutorial. They were really easy to make and not too time consuming (unless you're trying to make them with the help of 6 children).
The other two portions of this were so easy. I created large accordion paper flowers in about 10 minutes. (I'll have the tutorial for these flowers here tomorrow.)

To the pompoms and the accordion paper flowers I added the gold circle garland. It's brand new from Pebbles and Tater Tots and Jello in the Cottage Living collection. I just laced it through the pom poms and accordion paper flowers. It gave the pom poms a little bit of shine. I should also add that the black and white happy birthday banner came from the same collection.

One of my favorite elements to these decorations are the gold painted frames. I simply (okay, really, I had my husband) spray paint a few frames that I got at the thrift store with gold spray paint .

He also painted a frame that I had used previously in my home that already had chicken wire attached to the back of it. I used that to showcase a few photos from last years party and a huge number 10 to show that my little girlie is celebrating her 10th birthday.

I'm so excited to share with you more details about the party in the next few days. Make sure to check back because I do have a fun giveaway to add to all the party ideas I'll share with you.

Have a happy Wednesday!
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  1. Great idea Becki, and really cute! I bet those girls all wish they had a mom like you!

    1. Awww, you're so sweet. The little girls that came to my house have pretty amazing moms too. Thanks for your sweet comments.

  2. What a fun birthday set-up! Love how special you made it for her. :)

    1. Thanks Mendi! You're always so sweet. It was a special day for her. We had so much fun!

  3. FUN & FABULOUS birthday decorations Becki :)
    I'm feeling INSPIRED - we have a niece & 2 nephews turning 10 this month, and several other milestone birthdays (13, 18, 21 & 50) throughout the year ahead, so your ideas will come in very handy!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing!!!