Friday, July 31, 2015

List Journal

I'm a memory keeper at heart but I'm not good at keeping a personal journal. I've tried and it's never worked out. I've found a journal that I love and that I've been good at keeping up with, a list journal, specifically this one: Listography Journal: Your Life in Lists. I found this journal at a book store a while ago and I left it there, I'm not sure why because I loved it. A few days later I bought one on Amazon and two days later it was on my doorstep. I think you can tell a lot about someone even if there's only a few words. For example, you can tell that I like to watch sitcoms and dramas. I don't like to watch sports, documentaries or very many reality shows. (Although, I just realized that I forgot to put Dancing with the Stars on this list. I'll have to add that one.)

I added my name and the date with letter stickers. Inside the journal, I went a little letter sticker crazy. I have SO many letter stickers I thought it would be fun to put them to good use.

This spread has a few of my favorite TV shows. I'm a bit of a Netflix junkie. I like to have a TV show or a movie on in the background when I'm scrapbooking.
What would be on your list of favorite TV shows? I'm curious do we love any of the same shows?

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