Friday, September 30, 2016

Cardmaker Blog Hop

Welcome!! I'm glad you found your way here. You should have arrived here from the awesome Catherine Scanlon's blog. World Card Making Day is right around the corner. In fact, it's tomorrow! I love that there is a day to celebrate the art of card making. There's nothing quite like receiving a handmade card in the mail. I love to feeling of knowing that I'm making someones day by sending them a little bit of happiness when I send a card that I made.

Created by Becki Adams for @bellablvd and @illustratedfaith #WCMD #cardmaking #handmadecard #papercrafting
The Bella Blvd creative team and the Cardmaking Magazine team have a really fun blog hop for you today. I created a card with lots of fun products from Bella Blvd and Illustrated Faith. I created the base of the card with white embossed cardstock. Then I mixed a little bit of white paint and dark pink paint to create a lighter shade of pink. Then, I dry brushed the front of the card.
The main embellishment cluster and the sentiment are in the bottom right corner of the card.
The sentiment for this card is a sticker. I simply added foam adhesive to make it stand out a little bit. I think it's a pretty powerful sentiment, "let your faith be bigger than your fear," I wanted to make sure that the design of the card didn't detract from the sentiment.
Another way I made sure that the design focused on the card was to create a string of dark pink hearts leading right to the sentiment. This card was really easy to make, with drying time, it took me less than 45 minutes.

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What cards are you creating for World Cardmaking Day. I'd love to see your cards. Leave a link in the comments, I'll make sure and stop by! Now you're off to see what the incredible Daniela Dobson has created for you. Thanks for stopping by!

Here's a list of the entire hop, just in case you get lost ;) 
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Book Report Shirt

My little girlie has had an awesome school year! She's had a great teacher that assigns the kids in her class to create creative book reports (something more than a written essay on a piece of paper). When my girl came home from school and asked if we could make a book report tshirt at first, I told her, "no" and continued on with my day. I kept the thought of a book report tshirt on the back of my mind, before I decided that we could make it happen and that it would be good AWESOME project. I let the idea kick around in my head (and my girlie's head) for a couple of days before we got started. We talked about several different ideas (some of which included sharpies) and then dove into the project with a few supplies. My Silhouette Cameo was my best friend for this project. You should also know that I get ALL my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl, they're AWESOME!
Creative Book Report tShirt by @jbckadams #bookreport #silhouettecameo #heattransfervinyl

 Book Report Shirt:

I started this project by taking a photo of the book my daughter was doing her report on (Jackie Ha-Ha).  I cropped the photo so just the cover of the book was showing in the photo and opened the photo in the Silhouette Studio software.
Creative Book Report tShirt by @jbckadams #bookreport #silhouettecameo #heattransfervinyl
Tip: ALWAYS mirror your cut files before sending them to your Silhouette software when working with heat transfer vinyl. If you don't, you're image will be backwards when you iron it. I think that's the most important thing to remember. In the above screen shot you can see that I had mirrored the book image but not the words that go under the book. (I did mirror those images before I sent the other text to be cut.)
After I made sure the text matched and was the right size for the book cover, I removed them from the cutting mat and just printed and cut the book cover.
Creative Book Report tShirt by @jbckadams #bookreport #silhouettecameo #heattransfervinyl
 This is what the printable vinyl looked like before I ironed it to the shirt. This printable heat transfer vinyl is seriously so cool! I can't wait to create more projects with it. My head is swimming with ideas!
Creative Book Report tShirt by @jbckadams #bookreport #silhouettecameo #heattransfervinyl
 I kept each type of vinyl (ie. printable, glitter, and black) on separate cutting mats. It's just easier for me that way.
When my daughter had her summary written I typed it in the Silhouette software. I use a really basic font because there was so much text and we wanted it to be easily readable. 
Creative Book Report tShirt by @jbckadams #bookreport #silhouettecameo #heattransfervinyl
I changed the mat size for the back of the shirt to a 12x24 mat size and cut the vinyl without a cutting mat. It worked like a charm.
Creative Book Report tShirt by @jbckadams #bookreport #silhouettecameo #heattransfervinyl
Once we had all the vinyl cut and weeded, we were ready to start ironing. I just used my iron to transfer the vinyl. I have a heat press on my wish list, it would have made this job a lot easier. 
Creative Book Report tShirt by @jbckadams #bookreport #silhouettecameo #heattransfervinyl
Everything fit just as I hoped it would and looked great! I added a piece of parchment paper over the vinyl. I just wanted to protect the tshirt. You could also use a heat transfer cover sheet. I had parchment paper on hand, so that's what I used. 
Creative Book Report tShirt by @jbckadams #bookreport #silhouettecameo #heattransfervinyl
I started by transferring the book cover first (the printable heat transfer vinyl portion). I was giddy when I saw how it turned out. It looked awesome, so much better than I could have hoped for. 
Creative Book Report tShirt by @jbckadams #bookreport #silhouettecameo #heattransfervinyl
I wish you could see this shirt in real life, it's SO cute!
The back of the shirt turned out awesome too. I was worried about transferring SO many letters. It worked perfectly though.
Creative Book Report tShirt by @jbckadams #bookreport #silhouettecameo #heattransfervinyl
I think it's safe to say that my girlie had the best (most creative) book report in her class that day. She was so excited to wear her shirt while she gave the oral portion of her report. 
Just in case you're wondering, she did get an A on her book report ;)
Creative Book Report tShirt by @jbckadams #bookreport #silhouettecameo #heattransfervinyl
This entire process was a lot of work but it was easy. I'm a huge fan of creative book reports and I think we created an awesome book report shirt, my girlie was happy and that's all that mattered to me. It's always nice to get a "mom wins" moment when the kiddo is happy!