Thursday, April 24, 2014

One of *Those* "Mommy Moments"

I remember the moment I took this photo so clearly. We were at a baseball game and the weather was finally nice enough that we could venture out of the car to watch the game. My two little kiddos ran out on the grass with a book and sat down.
My little girl started reading to my little guy and I had one of those nostalgic "mommy moments" where I thought, "They're growing up too fast!"
I documented these thoughts with the Plus One collection by Amy Tan for American Crafts. (aren't those black thickers amazing?!?!)

 I outlined the hearts with a black pen and put foam adhesive underneath a few of them.
And here's the completed project:
Squish your littles today! They don't stay little nearly long enough!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Make Your Kids Do the Work for You

Recently my little lady has started writing in cursive. She practices her cursive writing at every chance she gets. My pens are constantly missing and I need to go buy more notebooks. She LOVEs writing. While I was working at my desk and she was sitting next to me writing away I decided to pass the journaling card to her.
I love the authenticity it adds to my scrapbooking and I love that she can be involved in my creative process.

Do you involve your kiddos in your scrapbooking?
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