Sunday, June 17, 2012

A collection I really didn't want...

Yes, that is a pile of hospital bracelets. On February 24th my life turned upside down. I got so sick! I spent lots of  time going to dr's and, unfortunately, emergency rooms. On the 4th of March I had my gallbladder removed and for a short couple of days felt better. After that I quickly went back to being really sick. I'll spare you all of the details and make a VERY long miserable story short. About a month ago I started treatment for Lupus and have been doing very well since then. I'm slowly building up my strength and enjoying the things that I love the most....being a mommy, a wife, an aunt, a daughter, a sister, and being creative again. I'm grateful for my illness in that I appreciate the little things so much more. I actually appreciate the fact that I'm able to take care of my kids by myself again and do all the little things...trips to the grocery store, baseball games, and just being a mom!

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  1. aww Becki,I truly hate to hear that. I know the bio mother had it. I won't dwell, but just so happy to see you blogging again. I miss ya girlie and my have those kiddos grown!!!