Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm being introduced on the Paper Issues blog today

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm being introduced today on the Paper Issues Blog. I share some of my deepest.darkest.secrets, intrigued yet??!?!

 Well, I'm sharing them here too. Don't laugh....just kidding, you can laugh!
  • I *love* coconut! Coconut Air-fresheners, coconut cupcakes, coconut milk, coconut macaroons, Almond Joy candy bars, coconut oil, coconut milkshakes....I could keep going.
  • I hate bananas. Even the smell grosses me out. Yick!
  • I have 3 children but you will often hear me say that I have 6 children. My sister lives close by and works full time, so I get to take care of her kids while she works so I claim them as my own.
  • Reading is one of my favorite past times. I usually have between 6 and 8 books on my nightstand at all times, although I rarely read more than one book at a time.
  • My husband and I have a mutual agreement. We do not play checkers together ever. We played once and it was a disaster. (he cheats every time!)
The project I have to share with you today is a project I created to document a comment my son made when he was getting ready for school the other day. Everyday projects are my most favorite. If you came to my house you would find albums filled with memories from my family's everyday life.

And the whole project:

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  1. Such a fabulous layout!!! So many fun, little details. Love it!!!