Monday, January 27, 2014


Who doesn't love photos of their sleeping kiddos. There's something about a sleeping baby. It melts my heart. I have plenty of photos of my little guy, I chose a couple of these photos with a book laying on his chest while he is fast asleep.

 I cut the title for this project with my silhouette from an American Crafts file I bought in the Silhouette store. You can find it HERE
On a side note I had this layout sitting on my desk ready to put into an album...then this happened...

My nephews came to visit. I LOVE them so much!! He's only 1 and he was so excited to see a photo of his cousin he couldn't help but play with the layout. After I picked up the pieces that were scattered all over the house my husband said "I'm proud of you, you didn't even freak out" I just laughed. I'll put the pieces back together and put it in my son's album with a bit more journaling about the tattered papers. It will make me smile!


  1. Oh man, that looks familiar!!! Glad you can find a smile in it!

  2. Lol, glad you could laugh about it. I have a cat that likes to bite the corners of my layouts and once when I used feathers on a layout, he ate the feathers. Really got to be careful what I leave out on my desk.

  3. So glad you photographed it before! Lovely!