Thursday, June 5, 2014

Creating Banners (Tutorial Included)

A couple of days ago I had projects on the American Crafts blog for Banner week. I created a set of cards and a layout. Today I thought I'd share a quick and easy tutorial to show you how I created the banners on my projects. (I created the banner on the layout using the same technique.) It's so easy and very quick especially if you use quick drying adhesive.

Let's get started!

The first thing you'll want to do is lay the banner out on your project just like you want it when your project is finished.
Quickly and easily add a banner to layouts and cards
Next, draw a line right along the top of the banner pieces (use a pencil and draw very lightly):
Cut a piece of twine a couple of inches longer (on both sides) than the line you drew:
Lay it across your project and make loops at each end of the banner, just to get an idea of where you want your loops to be. (You don't have to have loops you could just tie a knot in each end of the twine or you could just leave it plain):
Now, move the twine so it's just below the pencil line and add a thin bead of glue all the way across the pencil line:
Move the twine onto the glue and then carefully add a few dots of glue so the loops or knots will stay in place:
And last but not least adhere your banner pieces back under the line of twine (I also added a few sprinkles of black ink as a finishing touch to my card):

It's as easy as that! I found that for me it's so much easier to glue the twine on before the banner pieces are adhered. 

*product note* I use glossy accents by Ranger as my liquid adhesive. I love it because it dries clear and it dries so quickly.

Here is the layout I did using the same technique to add the banner under the photo/journaling.
Quickly and easily add a banner to layouts and cards

What do you recommend when adding a banner to your projects? Do you have a tried and true method?


  1. This layout is very beautiful!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that we loved your banner cards and we gave them a shout out on the Paper Crafter's Library Facebook page.

  3. Hello hun thanks for sharing if you don't mind my asking. how you made your banner penants or flags did you use a punch or by hand?

    1. Abby, thank you for asking! I used a punch from American Crafts for both banners, hope that helps!