Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Decorating Ideas

As I mentioned earlier this week I started decorating for Halloween in the middle of September. Each year I add a few things to my decorations and donate a few things to the thrift store. This year I added a few skeletons, a huge spider, and my spider web wreath. Here's what Halloween at our house looks like:
Halloween Decorating Ideas by Becki Adams
 This is the vignette that sits on top of our entertainment center. I usually take down some the 'everyday' decorations but I also leave some of them up. The globe is always on the entertainment center. I love it! I just draped some black Halloween cloth over the top. The bottles are also usually up there every day. I did add some Halloween labels to them though. The labels are just stickers and patterned paper.
Halloween Decorating Ideas by Becki Adams
I added the huge spider to our decorations this year. My little man was not a fan when I took this spider out of the box. He was terrified by it! We actually went through several possible homes for this spider before he came to live on my vintage gold mirror. Everywhere we moved the spider Austin said "he's still looking at me."  When we put him on the mirror he was finally satisfied because the spider is looking at the entertainment system not at him. Needless to say he hates spiders. He's having a hard time with the whole Halloween season because there are spiders everywhere. Hopefully, he'll adjust and we'll be able to walk past the Halloween at Target again soon.
Halloween Decorating Ideas by Becki Adams
Because we don't have a mantle. I decorate the top of our piano like a mantle. Like the other places some of these decorations are permanent (the windmill and the lamp) and then there are a few Halloween accessories. I made the banner using a kit from American Crafts last year. My favorite thing in our Halloween decorations is the skeletons. All of the skeletons are new. I bought them at Target (online). In addition to the ones that are sitting on the piano we have one hanging on each of the kids bedroom doors. The kids love the skeletons too, they've lovingly named them; Edward, Bob & Fred. (Bob is the one sitting on the piano.)
Are your Halloween decorations up? What is your favorite part of your decorations?


  1. Your decorations look so awesome, Becki! I especially love te skeleton on the mantel.

    1. Thanks Megann! I love the skeleton too! I may have gone a little skeleton crazy this year...oops