Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lets Talk Tuesday Recap

Hey there friends, I've had an exhausting few days consisting of working at a flower shop for the Valentines Day rush, lots of school board meetings, and not a whole lot of sleep. I apologize for not having a Lets Talk Tuesday post last week. I've had so many things going on and I've neglected my blog. I had planned to to do the full reveal of my little girlies scrapbooking themed birthday party but I haven't put the time into it that I feel like it needs. I'll get it finished up and posted soon.

Today, I'm going to link you to a few links to past Lets Talk Tuesday posts (similar to the recap that I shared, here) that you may have missed. Lets get started!

Not to long ago I posted the January Design Guide. I'm excited for this new series on my blog. The first design guide has gotten rave reviews. I can't wait to share February's Design Guide next week. In the mean time you can check out January's Design Guide that features this layout with the supply list, sketch, and step by step instructions for completing this project.
 Another popular Lets Talk Tuesday post is the "61 Everyday Page Titles" post. This post also includes a printable list. I'm always drawn to titles of layouts, the titles that others put on their layouts often inspire me to document my story that is similar to theirs. I hope this list will provide you with a little bit of inspiration.
The very first Lets Talk Tuesday I did is still one of my very favorites. It's the one where I showed you several different projects about working with Lines. 
One of my favorite layouts is the one titled Mustache Smiles in the post "Using ALL of your letter stickers" 
Stay tuned for lots of fun stuff that I have coming up.
Have a happy Tuesday and a great week!


  1. ok, you got me with all those alpha stickers!! Looks like a marvelous way to use up the leftovers!

  2. Loving both these layouts especially the school shoes, great use of primary colours!