Thursday, July 30, 2015

Process Video on the Weekly Scrapper Blog

Hi friends! Remember when I said I was waiting for the quiet days of Summer (in my last Life at our Home)? Well, I'm still waiting for a few of those quiet days. So far our Summer has been great but a little more chaotic and busy than I wanted it to be. Things have slowed down a bit in the last few days. Partly because some of our Summer activities are over and partly because my body said that it was time to slow down for a while. (Look for more stories from our Summer in an upcoming Life At Our Home post.)
While it appears that I haven't been doing much as far as crafting goes, I really have been busy. I've got so many fun projects that I'm working on behind the scenes and that have been on other websites.
Scrapbooking Process Video by @jbckadams (Becki Adams) for Scrapbook Expo

Today I have a post on the Weekly Scrapper blog. It's my first video for their blog. I'm really excited (and nervous) to have a video on their site. When I filmed it I wasn't having a great day and I'm afraid it showed a little to much in the video. My hope is that someone will enjoy it and maybe learn something from it. 
You can find the full blog post HERE. Thanks for stopping by today! Talk to you soon! <3

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