Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Come Listen to My First Podcast

It's my birthday! To celebrate my birthday (just kidding, it was actually a fun coincidence) I have something fun to share. Recently, I found the ScrapGals podcast. As you know, I fall head over heels for anything scrapbooking related. I love this podcast because it feels like I'm listening into a great conversation between friends about their favorite hobby. I had only listened to a couple of episodes when I got a message from Tracie Claiborne asking if I would like to chat with them on an upcoming podcast. My first thought was "No, way!! That's way too scary. What if I sounded like an idiot? OR what if I couldn't answer their questions? Ack!"
Scrapbooking podcast with @jbckadams #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #papercrafting #whenthemagichappens

I put my fears aside sat down at my desk and recorded an episode of the ScrapGal's podcast with Tracie and Tiffany. I'm so glad that I did!! It's so rare for me to visit with friends that scrapbook. I'm so glad I got the opportunity.  I LOVED chatting with these girls about scrapbooking. I had so much FUN. Come join me and listen to When the Magic Happens.


  1. I really enjoyed listening to the podcast this week! I listen to it in the car on my way to and from work.I haven't scrapbooked in quite a while, as I took up other hobbies, like art journaling and some crafting. But after hearing you talking with Tiffany and Tracie, whom I've been listening to for a few months now, and looking at your beautiful layouts, I would really like to give scrapbooking another try. So many new products and techniques make it like I was starting for the first time again! You are so inspiring! Thank you for the push that I needed!

    1. Pquinn...I want to hug you! I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that you want to scrapbook again! Please let me know if I can help you in any way! There are tons of great classes available. I have a couple coming up that I think you may enjoy. There will be links here on my blog when they are available!

  2. Hi Becki,
    It was a pleasure listening to you on the Scrap Gals podcast! Just hearing you talk has inspired me to scrapbook with a purpose (been scrappin' for 17+ years) and check out your blog for inspiration. I just love Tiffany and Tracie and I love your scrapbook style as well. You totally fit in like 'one of the girls". Congrats on putting your fears aside and sharing your knowledge with us. Speaking of fears...my biggest obstacle is actually getting my pics from my phone to my computer and printed. Do you have a class for that? Lol

    1. Hey Kim! Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed my podcast. I LOVED visiting with Tracie and Tiffany, I felt like one of the girls!
      I don't have a class for getting my photos from my phone to my printer BUT I try to edit and print from my phone whenever I can. If I try to save a photo to print it from my computer, it doesn't happen.
      Thanks for stopping by today :)