Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let's Talk Tuesday: Gelatos Tutorial

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by for Let's Talk Tuesday. I'm so excited about today's post. I've been working on these projects off and on for a few weeks now.

Right now a huge trend in scrapbooking is mixed media/artsy looking projects like Wilna Furstenburg is so amazing at creating. Her beautiful scrapbook pages could double as a piece of art work. Confession time: I love the look of these more "artsy" projects but I don't like getting messy when I'm scrapbooking. I typically don't like to use paints and other art supplies because I'm not the most careful person and inevitably will smear something across my photos; that's just how I roll. I stayed away until, I found gelatos. I love my gelatos! They allow me (a not so artsy person) to achieve the look of watercolors with much less mess.

Let me show you how easy gelatos are and how much fun they are to work with.

First of all, for those of you that don't know what a gelato is, let me explain. A gelato is kind of like a very thick watercolor paste in a tube, very similar to a tube of lip balm. 

 They are so easy to work with. All you do is write or draw with the gelato onto a piece of cardstock. (For all of these examples I used textured cardstock. You don't have to use textured, smooth cardstock will work just fine. It's really just a personal preference.)

On the first project I used gelatos to create a rainbow background. Here's what my cardstock looked like right after I colored on it with the gelatos:
And here's what it looked like with just a little bit of water brushed on with a paint brush:
I just brushed water on the top portion (the blue portion) so you could see the difference.

And here's what my background paper looked like right after I got done brushing the water on:
I didn't blend the colors very much on this project because I wanted them as a distinct rainbow, but gelatos blend beautifully.

And here's the layout I created with this rainbow background:
 And here's a detail shot of the gelato background in action. Doesn't it look like I used some fancy-schmancy watercolors?

On this next project I drew lots of different colored hearts with the gelatos, brushed them with water, let them dry, and then cut them out.
Before water:
Before you add the water they look like crayon drawings. (They don't act like crayon though, they will smear if you run your finger across it.)

After the hearts were brushed with water (still wet):

And here's the layout I created with the hearts:

I had a few little hearts left so I created a super simple card:

 I used an orange gelato to highlight the area behind the title to emphasize the title on this layout:
What do you think? Are you ready to try some Gelatos?
Here are a few more links to projects I've created with gelatos:
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Thanks for stopping by. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Three awesome projects. Loved this tutorial. :)

  2. Great projects, Becki! And I love the hearts! :)

    1. <3 Thanks Mary Jo, I love how the hearts turned out too!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! When I was cleaning out my craft room last week I found a handful of Gelatos and had no clue what I could use them for. Now I know!!! Holly :)

    1. Yes, Holly! They're so much fun to play with. I can't wait to see what amazing projects you create.

  4. Love the she sleeps layout, so pretty!

    1. Thank you, Wendy! I love the way that layout turned out too.

  5. I am clueless when it comes to using gelatos. You've given me the inspiration to try them (and not be scared of them any more, LOL!) Fabulous projects, Becki!

    1. Oh don't be scared Lisa! They're super easy to use and lots of fun!

  6. These are so cool! I just got my first set of Gelatos and I'm loving all of the cool techniques I can do!