Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Favorite Colors

 Happy Tuesday. Recently as I was flipping through my finished projects I noticed that there were a few colors that I use more often and some colors that I don't use very often. I think the color that I use the most often is green. Its rare that I create a project without some kind of green on it. This is my most recent project and, yes, it includes green.

 I used the new collections from Gossamer Blue (Gramercy Road), Maggie Holmes, and a little bit of Jillibean Soup.
 Isn't that large green bling wonderful! I may have to order a few more packages of them just to get more of that green one.
This journaling simply talks about the photo. This photo is of my niece. One day while I was photographing layouts for an upcoming assignment she jumped in front of the camera and said "picture ME" I quickly snapped a photo of her. I was thrilled with how it turned out. Once it was her idea for me to take a picture of her it turned out great...not blurry like the photos that I usually get of her.

Looking back at my last few projects they all have green on them in one way or another, usually as an accent. Lucky, Our Kids, Family Photos Mini Albums, Spend a Week with US, Saying goodbye to Bella Blvd are just a few of the recent posts that I've used the color green on.

I the color I use the least is purple. I did find a few projects that I used purple on. The few projects that I found that I did use purple on were Halloween projects.

Have you found there is a color you use more often than not on your projects? Is your favorite color green and your least favorite color purple? Wouldn't that be so cool if we shared the same taste in color?!?!

If you didn't see this post at the very end of it I asked a few questions about Christmas cards. If you have a minute I would really appreciate it if you went and answered those questions for me. Thanks in advance!

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