Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day Gift idea with a Tutorial

It's almost Mother's Day. I've been working on a little surprise for my mom. I often give mini albums as gifts, especially to grandparents. Grandmas and Grandpas always love pictures of their grandkids! This Mother's Day I wanted to shake things up and try framing a mini album so my mom can display it at home or in her office. It's very simple to frame a mini album. Today, I'll show you how :)

I made my own album out of cardstock. I needed to make sure that it fit in the frame. The frame I wanted to use holds a 4x6 photo so I cut my cardstock a little bit smaller and made sure to leave room at the top for the rings that hold the album together. I have 3 kids and I wanted each of them to have two pages  in the album (one for a photo and one for journaling).
Most of the supplies I used for this album came from Dear Lizzy's Polka Dot Party Collection.
Each page was simple. On the top page I included a photo and on the bottom I created a page with a journaling pocket and card. Each of my kids wrote a message to their Grammy and placed it in the pocket.

When the album was complete I punched holes in the top. I held the pages together with some paper clamps while I punched the holes.
After I had the holes punched I covered the back part of the frame. The portion behind the glass where the photo would go with patterned paper. (I left the glass out of the frame entirely.)
I attached the album to the frame with double sided tape

That's all there is to it! My kids are so excited to give this to their Grammy because they helped to make it.
And here's the finished project:
What do you think? I think my mom will love it. The entire project took me about an hour. Not long at all.
Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. This project is very beautiful!

    1. Thank you Aline! I hope my mom will like it :)

  2. I'm so glad you love it! Thank you for your sweet comments :)