Friday, August 15, 2014

Baseball Fanatics

It's no secret that we're a baseball/softball family. We start with little league in March (yes, March). Most of our little league season is played in the wind, rain, and even snow. I wouldn't do it if my little man didn't love it. He loves playing baseball and takes it very seriously. I've sat through many games and practices watching him play. This past season was a little bit different. He seemed to finally come out of his shell and really start playing serious baseball. He practiced, he practiced, and he practiced. He worked so hard and he finally achieved his goal of being pitcher. He pitched several games and played first base when he wasn't pitching. I had many "proud mommy" moments this season. I love that he set a goal and worked and worked until he achieved it.
Here are some photos of my little guy in action:
Now that school is almost to begin we've been doing some school shopping. Most of the boys shopping was done online. The boys definitely don't want to go shopping with their mom. We found some baseball jerseys from our local baseball team on the Fanatics website. He was super excited about that! He loves going to watch our local baseball team play. What the little guy was really wants is a baseball cap. Because baseball caps aren't allowed at school, he added that to his Christmas list.

Even though it's Summertime I've had a little bit of time for scrapbooking a few of their baseball/softball photos.

(You can find more details about this project HERE) 

Not only are we a baseball family but we've been to our share of softball games too. My little lady loves softball and she especially loved this season when her dad helped coach her team. She was so excited to go to all of her games and looked adorable walking across the field right next to her daddy. This little girl (unlike her brothers) is thrilled to go school shopping with her momma. She'd rather not do any online shopping.

I've had a little bit of time to get a project done for her album too. I used Bella Blvd's Molly line to create this layout:
 I'm proud to be a baseball mom, although, I am glad that baseball season is over for another year. We're already looking forward to the 2015 season!

How about you? Does your family have a sport that you'd be classified as Fanatics in? Have you documented those moments in your scrapbooks or Project Life albums?


  1. Adorable! Your photos are fantastic!!! Cute layouts too. We are huge on softball and baseball here too and toss in some volleyball and soccer. I do A LOT of sports layouts and totally love it. The only thing missing is a longer softball season, the Idaho weather just doesn't let us out there long enough.

    1. Idaho weather is not conducive to spring sports. We've sat through many games in the rain, wind, and snow. I'm sure you know the feeling. Thank you for your sweet comments!